4 best places to visit in Cusco | Cusco places to visit

the places we recommend in the city of Cusco Amazing places to visit in the city of Cusco – Peru. Cusco places to visit

You can enjoy these places in groups and privately.

If you do not feel comfortable just visiting there are guides who offer their service and will show you everything about the ancient Inca and how they lived in these places.

1º The ruins of Saqsaywaman

Cusco places to visit

Sacsayhuamán is an Inca ” ritual fortress ” located two kilometers north of the city of Cusco.

Construction began during the government of Pachacutec.

Visit the Inca Fortress, also you can see the elaboration of the ritual called Inti Raymi that starts in the middle of June City Tour Cusco.

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2º Las minas de sal ( Maras )

salt mines peru cusco

It is located 31 kilometers northeast of the city of Cusco, which is at an altitude of 3389 meters above sea level in a ravine between the terraces of Moray.

Visit these beautiful salt dumps, you can also see the elaboration of salt for cooking and many in this Maras and Moray Tour.

3º Los andenes de Moray

Places-platform moray cusco

It is characterized by several circular platforms and is located at 3,500 meters above sea level.

These were used in the Inca era, which was widely used in their time for agriculture.

The word Moray had something to do with the corn harvest that was called Aymoray, or with the month of May, which is also called Aymoray and equally with the dehydrated potato that is the Moraya or Moray.

3º The Mountain of Colors (Vinicunca)

Mountain of Colors visit in cusco

It is located on the road to the snowy Ausangate, in the Andes of Peru – Cusco Region,

between the districts of Cusipata,

province of Quispicanchi and Pitumarca,

province of Canchis.(Cusco places to visit)

To reach the top of this beautiful mountain you will have to walk for about 2 hours, enjoying the Andes and the culture of the people in the area.

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