A forbidden romance in the Tahuantinsuyo

Inca Romance, Chief Ollantay of the Tahuantinsuyo, the brave warrior and Titan of the Andes in a romance in the Tahuantinsuyo.

He was the legendary hero of the Tauantinsuyo, in love with a beautiful princess, the unattainable Coyllur, daughter of Inca Tupac Yupanqui.

Princess Coylur (Star) had also fallen in love with the courage and beauty of Ollantay, but she knew that this love was a romance forbidden by the strict Inca law, since never a maiden of royal blood, a daughter of the Inca, and an Andi (Man of the people), could get to celebrate such an unequal marriage.

since such an act would be considered sacrilege by the UilacHuma, the high priest, and would bring them the ultimate punishment.

Asi que la Princesa Coyllur fue recluida en el templo de las Aclla, en Mamacunas, mientras que el ofendido general Ollantay se levanto en rebeldía contra la crueldad del poder político y religioso y dio comienzo a una lucha epica y desigual, enfrentándose el héroe al mismo Inca y consiguiendo reunir todas las virtudes totémicas bajo su espada.

The beautiful Princess Coyllur(Inca Romance)

Inca Romance

Thus Ollantay moves with the elasticity of the snake, acts with the cunning of the fox.

reaches where only the condor does, it’s as brave as the jaguar and as tough as the mountains of the Andes.

The warrior and the princess are rewarded with the birth of a son, De Ima sumac, the very beautiful one.

The drama of love is now over to begin the happy ending of the triumph of humans over the incontrovertible power of the Incas.

With the struggle of Father Ollantay and the loving devotion of Princess Coyllur, the people who live apart from the closed world of the Inca.

can aspire to be a part of the history of which he has only been a subject and a partaker, but and there was not much time left for him to transmit the treasure of The Inca Culture from the palace to the streets in Romance in the Tahuantinsuyo.

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