Cuarentena en la ciudad del cusco

Crisis in Tourism by COVID-19

As we well know at this time is the crisis in tourism by the Covid-19 in the world.

Quarantine in Cusco tourism
second day of quarantine in the imperial city of Cusco.

The city of Cusco mostly known by its tourist attractions at world-wide level, gives a great setback for the tourism and the economy.

Peru in 2019 exceeded 2 million 971 thousand international tourists between January and August. It was a positive increase for Peru’s tourism sector.

2019 Tourism Report

In the year 2020 is a lost year for the tourist activity in Peru , according to APOTUR PERU .

We have realized how well Peru is known. We had tourists from many destinations, people we never thought would visit our country but will not be able to in the state worldwide

Said the head of APOTUR PERU

Crisis in tourism in the city of Cusco

The city of Cusco stopped all tourist activity on the Covid-19. The tourist agencies reimbursed all reservations or were extended until the end of the state of national emergency and the borders will be opened again.

Tourists stranded in the city of Cusco after the message of the National Emergency Declaration.

They were taken to their respective countries on humanitarian flights to their respective countries.

The Peruvian State gave for Phases the opening of the Peruvian economy, in it was the tourism as the fourth phase and last that this phase was realized at the beginning of August or September depending on the current situation of the Country.

The Crisis in Tourism by COVID-19

The reservation of these tours were reserved in this crisis for the month of August by the Crisis in Tourism by the COVID-19.

They mentioned several travel agencies that were able to book through their websites.


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