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What is altitude sickness and how to avoid it?

Altitude sickness and how to avoid it, is mostly mountain sickness or soroche, which is an adaptation of the organism to the lack of oxygen due to the high altitude.

the most frequent symptoms are physical and mental fatigue, headaches, general discomfort, dizziness and the sensation of suffocation.

Usually altitude sickness occurs from 2000 meters above sea level.

Normally the tourist centers are located in high places such as the following countries.

  • Peru
  • China
  • Nepal
  • India
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia

This publication has no scientific validity but is based on the experience of tourists around our team.

Tips to avoid altitude sickness

Tips to avoid altitude sickness
  • Try to adapt to the route

The main thing would be that you plan your tourist destinations. To visit the places in Peru we would recommend you to go by stages and ascending progressively.

If your next destination is at 4000 meters and you are on the coast, do not fence in front of the 4000 meters destination, normally try to get used to the climate and climb slowly over two days.

Because normally when you book a tour and are on the coast and climb to the highest point in the country, you will be affected by altitude sickness.

Altura Cusco
  • No esfuerces tu cuerpo

Normally in the walks of ascent the brain works to less rate and can take in having the reaction of the needs of the body.

The most recommended is to eat early and drink when you are not thirsty, in areas where there is a lack of oxygen is recommended by several travelers.

Your body may be dehydrated but your mind doesn’t know it. The normal thing is to try to force the body as little as possible and provide the needs that your body needs.

Caminata Salkantay
  • Home and Natural Remedies

Mostly in the highlands of Peru, there are people living in these areas who normally have home remedies for travelers to help them with altitude sickness.

Normally, the best known is the coca leaf. They put it in their mouth and chew it, but they don’t swallow it until their mouth is slightly numb.

The coca leaf promotes the absorption of oxygen in the blood and is therefore considered the best natural remedy against altitude sickness.

If you go somewhere high up, ask the locals which is the most effective remedy and they will advise you favourably.

altitude sickness and how to avoid it

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