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Humantay lake altitude, how get to humantay lake : is surrounded by imposing glaciers that are part of the Andes Mountains.

Among these is the majestic Salkantay and Humantay snow-capped mountains that, when they melt, give rise to the splendid Humantay Lagoon, which is 5,473 meters above sea level.

How to get to the Humantay lagoon?

Lage Humantay
Lage Humantay

For this tour the height is high, the walk is about 1 hour and a half, until you reach the Humantay Lagoon.

To get to this impressive lagoon from the city of Cusco, you will have to take a vehicle to take you to the town of Mollepata which will be the 2 hour trip.

From the village you will have to climb up to the lagoon which is 300 metres away in about an hour and a half.

On the hike you can enjoy the view of the Salkantay glacier (which reaches 5450 meters above sea level), but also the Villcamba mountain range.

Altitude and how to get to Laguna Humantay

These are the same route as the Salkantay Treks and are connected to Machu Picchu and different incredible Cordilleras.

Height and how to get to Laguna Humantay by myself?

You can hire a tourist agency, which will take you to the humantay lagoon, which will provide the service of taking you and your friends to the fabulous humantay lagoon.

There is also the possibility of reaching the humantay lagoon on your own but you have to go around the mountain with a professional guide.

so as not to get lost on the tour of the humantay lagoon and wear clothes for the cold.

Don’t forget to take pills for altitude sickness or you can also drink a mate de coca which is sold along the way.

If you want to ask about our services to walk this path do not hesitate to contact us on facebook as Typicaltrips.

Laguna Humantay with its crystalline waters and a large snow-capped mountain around it, an impressive place to visit.

Altitude and how to get to Laguna Humantay

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