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The weapons they used in the Inca era

Have you ever wondered what weapons were used in the Inca era? We will mention all The weapons they used in the Inca era.

Most of the tools were used for fighting, agriculture and weaving.

first part of the Inca weapons.

  • The huaraca

The Incas used this device for fighting between empires and for hunting animals.

It’s made of alpaca wool woven like barium knots.

a stone is placed in the middle of the huaraca, it turns quickly until one side is released and the stone shoots out at a turning speed, it is very difficult to control but very powerful.

  • The stool or Cumana(Inca Weapons )

It was a wooden stick with a hook and was used to throw darts made of bone or stone.

It’s made of reed mass and the tip is made of deer antlers.

It was the most feared weapon by the Spanish, since the Inca soldiers could shoot arrows without a bow.

The stool or Cumana

Boleadoras or liwis

It was a set of 3 ropes joined at their ends that had metal balls attached to the other stones.

The soldier would turn them over their heads and when they threw them they would catch them between their legs, head or blazos.

The weapons they used in the Inca era
  • The baton or cudgel

It consisted of a stone or piece of metal like copper or bronze was round or starred , which had a central hole where it fitted a wooden handle.

Depending on the size, the truncheons weighed 1 kilogram and the metal ones 500 grams.

They mostly used it to immobilize the enemy by hitting them on the head and limbs.

The weapons they used in the Inca era
The baton or cudgel

This is the first part of the Inca’s weapons, as there are quite a few to highlight and many utilities.

The weapons they used in the Inca era (Legendary)

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