las cinco montañas mas altas del Perú

the five highest mountains in Peru

In Peru there are many mountains including the five highest mountains in Peru.

The famous Cordilleras de los Andes crosses Peru. These Peruvian Andes have the highest peaks in all of Latin America.

Among them stand out 5 mountains, which are:

It is located at 6,768 meters at sea level.

It is one of the highest mountains in the tropical zone of the world, its location is in the provinces of Carhuaz in the region of Ancash.

Through the orographic sector called Cordillera Blanca within Huascaran National Park.

the five highest mountains in Peru
Huascaran Mountain
  • Snowy yerupaja

The snowy Yerupaja has an altitude of 6635 meters, is located in the Ato Marañon basin in central Peru.

It is the highest in the Huascaran mountain range and the highest in the Amazon basin.

the five highest mountains in Peru
Snowy yerupaja
  • Alpamayo Mountain

Alpamayo is 57947 meters high. It is located in the Andes Mountains to the north of the western branch of the Cordillera Blanca.

It is located within the Huascaran National Park in Peru.

Alpamayo Mountain
Alpamayo Mountain
  • Snowy Ausangate

It is the highest of all that is at 6,384 meters of altitude, is located in the Cordillera de los Andes, by the stretch of the Cordillera de Vilcanota.

It is located about 100 kilometers southeast of the imperial city of Cusco, is surrounded by large lakes with a fascinating green and blue light.

Snowy Ausangate
Snowy Ausangate
  • Huandoy Mountain

The Huandoy mountain is located at 6360 meters of altitude, the mountain is characterized by four peaks that form a fire.

It is the third highest in Ancash, has 4 summits that are: East, North and West (Huandoy).

Huandoy Mountain
Huandoy Mountain

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