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Tourist attractions in Cusco city

There are many Tourist attractions in Cusco city, in which there are museums, archaeological sites and gastronomic.

we also have different guides in the city so that you can enjoy the imperial city of cusco.

The Plaza de Armas of the city of Cusco.

It is the center of the imperial city of Cusco since before its Spanish foundation in 1534. Formerly there was a swamp in the small square that crossed the river Saphy.

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Qurikancha Inca Temple

It was a sacred golden enclosure where the gods of the Incas were worshipped as the Sun God or INTI, so you could only enter fasting, barefoot and with a load on your back as a sign of humility, said the high priest Willaq Umu.

Qurikancha Inca Temple

The Sun Party or Inti Raymi

Inti Raymi, formerly called Wawa Inti Raymi, is an Inca and Andean ceremony, which takes place every winter solstice.

This event is held throughout the city of Cusco, as a tribute to the god of the sun more than 2000 participants in this ceremony that is held every June 24 of each year.

Tourist attractions in Cusco city

Tourist attractions in Cusco city

The sacsayhuaman fortress

A ceremonial Inca fortress. This fortress was built by the Inca Pachacuteq in the 15th century

The end of the fortress was Huayna Capac who finished it in the 16th century.

In this place we can observe the fabulous Inca architecture, every June 24th “Inti raymi” is celebrated in this place is the epicenter of the celebration.


abode of the Gods

The dwelling of the gods is recently cultured by university students representing the Inca culture in these images make known their passion for their ancestors.

Tourist attractions in Cusco city

The Viewpoint of the White Christ Cusco

This is a great viewpoint to see the cuso city from a high point, since it is next to the Inca fort sacsayhuaman.

Tourist attractions in Cusco city

Tourist attractions in Cusco city

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