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The Children of the Sun Wiracocha | Ayar brothers

 The Ayar brothers

A long time ago the Wiracocha God creator of the world, sent his most powerful children to fulfill an important task, the legend of the ayar brothers.

In his hands was the birth to a great people.

He said in God Wiracocha to his children:

go in search of fertile land to grow corn our most precious food, when you find those lands melt there is a great empire.

This is how the brothers Ayar Manco , Ayar cachi , Ayar Uchu , Ayar auca and their wives came out of the cave Capac Toco which is in the Puma orqo hill near Cusco.

Ayar, the one-armed man, was the oldest and most authoritative brother.

That by sinking it would indicate that this was the land where.

they would have to grow the corn food that they would share with others instead,

Ayar cachi was the most dominant and bellicose of the sons of Wiracocha.

The Ayar brothers

the legend of the ayar brothers
the legend of the ayar brothers

Fearful and jealous the other brothers planned to disappear from him so they asked him to return in search of something.

they had forgotten behind him was Tambochicai a faithful servant of the group, who when he saw Ayar cachi inside the cave blocked the entrance with a collapse.

Ayar cachi

The other brothers and wives continued on their way until they reached Mount Huanacaure where they found a stone idol Ayar uchu jumped on the idol’s back, the idol as punishment for him.

Ayar Uchu

The brothers went on their way mourning the loss of Ayar Uchu and Ayar Cachi.

After resuming the trip Ayar auca grew wings and flew into the valley.

when he arrived at Acamama he landed on a rock, also was petrified like his brother.

Ayar Auca

The only remaining brother Ayar Manco and his brothers’ , wives arrived in Cusco where they found good land, so excited about the environment they decided to stay.

Ayar Manco founded the city of Cusco in the name of the God Wiracocha and the Sun.


Since Cusco means Navel in Quechua, it was the capital of the Tahuantinsuyu, thus beginning the Inca empire.

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