Montaña de colores

Rainbow Mountain – Vinicunca

One of the most dazzling mountains of Peru The Mountain of Colors also known as the hill of colors, the rainbow mountain and Vinicunca – Rainbow Mountain

mountain colors

Where is it located?

It is in one of the great Andes of Peru with an altitude of 5,200 meters above sea level, in the department of Cusco, province of Canchis – Mountain of Colors Peru.

Why do they call it Mountain of Colors or Vinicunca?

According to several investigations made in the place, the multicolored shades are due to the different minerals that cover the area.

These natural substances began to form 65 million years ago when water and rain covered their slopes and peaks.

With the passing of time, the extreme climate melted the snow that was formed there, revealing itself to the world.

Cusipata Cusco-Peru Rainbow Mountain

Cusipata Cusco montaña colors
Cusipata Canchis Cusco Peru

What is it like to arrive at the mountain of colors?

You can come in a bus or a private car, you will have to go to the town of cusipata that the journey time is 2 hours from the city of cusco.

Then you have to travel to Chillihuani to buy a ticket to access the Mountain of Color, located in the heart of the longest mountain range in the world.

The hike takes 2 hours to reach the Mountain of Colors, better known as the hill of seven colors.

What should I bring?

The bottom line would be:

Wear thick clothing (because it is very cold upstairs).

Trekking shoes.

Pills for height.

A camera (to record the beauty of the Andes and record unforgettable memories ).

A hot drink.

Don’t forget to have a lot of fun on this exciting tour with us or individually.

So you can book tours and the agencies take care of everything.

Tour rainbow mountain

rainbow mountain
rainbow mountain

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