Tupac Amaru I

The Incas of Vilcabamba

After the death of Manco Inca in 1544 a state of the Incas was established in vilcabamba being this a true paradise in a tropical location where the Incas had reproduced as much as possible their ancient capital of Cusco, Incas of Vilcabamba.

Based on your economics on:

  • Own production.
  • Sending food through the Quechuas to vilcabamba.
  • Contribution of the Antis (Amazon people).
  • Indirect commercial exchange with some Spaniards.


was an Inca ruler of Vilcabamba. He was the son of Manco Inca and grandson of Huayna Capac.

He was kidnapped by Gonzalo Pizarro from Vilcabamba.

was taken to Cusco where he was under the tutelage of Oñate, a Spanish conqueror who treated him very well while keeping him hidden.

He was kidnapped for several years, until his father managed to free him.

Unfortunately, his release cost his father his life at the hands of the Almagro soldiers.

In that unfortunate event Titu Cusi Yupanqui was injured and also almost lost his life.

His place on the throne was taken by his brother:


Sayri Tupac (Incas of Vilcabamba)

He was the second son of the Incas of Vilcabamba, son of Manco Inca and his sister Cusi Caype Chilaque, and husband of one of his sisters: Cusi Huarcay.

His father was killed by the Spanish when he was still a child.

As this was not possible due to his age, power was temporarily assumed by Atoq Supa, who was probably one of his relatives.

When he was already in the age of governing, he kept himself retired in the mountains of refuge all those persecuted by the Colonial regime, turning Vilcabamba into a Refuge State.

The Incas established an active solidarity between indigenous groups from the highlands and the jungle as a positive element of Inca resistance.

Vicalbamba, was governed by princes regents because, at the death of Manco Inca and his son Sayri Tupac was 5 years old and began the government the relatives of this young Inca until he came of age, who had dealings with Pedro de la Gasca who never succeeded.

The Incas of Vilcabamba
Sayri Tupac

Tupac Amaru I

He was the last modern native leader of the Inca Empire in Peru, the son of Manco Inca Yupanqui.

Also known as Manco Capac II.

was made a priest and guardian of his father’s body.


Tupac Amaru assumed imperial dignity after his half-brother the Inca Sapa – Titu Cusi died in 1570.

The Incas believed that their half-brother had been forced to admit the missionary priests in Vilcabamba and that the missionary priests in Vilcabamba and the Spaniards had poisoned him.

At this time the Spanish were not yet aware of the death of the previous Inca Sapa and had routinely sent two ambassadors to continue the ongoing negotiations.

They were both killed at the border by an Inca captain.

Using as a justification that the Incas had broken

“inviolable law of all nations of the world: respect for ambassadors”

new viceroy, Francisco de Toledo, decided to attack and conquer Vilcabamba.

Tupac Amaru I

Incas of Vilcabamba

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